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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#950 AI, big data and the iPhone: Here's how Apple plans to protect your privacy
Artificial intelligence and big data are white hot technologies but both need to analyse vast amounts of data to work effectively: now Apple is trying to see if it is possible to use both without compromising its tough stance on protecting users' privacy.

At the company's World Wide Developers' Conference in San Francisco the company announced a number of initiatives around machine learning and data analytics.

Apple said it will use a deep learning technology called long short-term memory to make its Quicktype keyboard able to offer more intelligent options during conversations. For example, automatically offering up information about where you are from in Maps, if the question crops up in a chat with a friend.

It is also using deep learning and computer vision to allow the iPhone to provide facial recognition so users can sort pictures of different people into albums. It's applying the same kind of technology to object and scene recognition as well -- doing 11 billion computations per photo to be able to understand what is in each image -- which can then be used to search for them later. Apple said it is also using artificial intelligence to analyse a user's photo library to cluster images by location, people or scenes into a new 'memories' tab.
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