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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#941 Connected cars: The open road for hackers (PDF)
Today, most vehicle functions – steering, acceleration, braking, remote start, and even unlocking the doors – are controlled by software that accepts commands from a diverse array of digital systems operating both inside and outside the vehicle. However, this software contains millions of lines of code, and in these lines of code there may be vulnerabilities that can be exploited by individuals with malicious intent.

FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence analysts and Mandiant consultants reviewed the key threats to interior and exterior vehicle systems and assessed the top five threats created by vehicle software vulnerabilities.
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#944 MIT graphene breakthrough could make chips one million times faster
#943 Hackers in your network? Why kicking them out straight away is not always the best approach
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#941 Connected cars: The open road for hackers (PDF)
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