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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#930 Ransomware dominates the threat landscape
So what kicked it off?

Well starting in 1989 and until 2012, there was the version here and there that would lock something, demand payment either through e-mail, snail mail (seriously, look up the AIDS Trojan) and even SMS payment.

Then we saw the huge emergence of a new form of Ransomware, you might know it as FBI or Law Enforcement ransomware, it basically locked down your screen, pretending to be from a LE organization, accused you of committing some crime and demanded you pay, usually using prepaid cards, to have your computer unlocked.
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#934 Mozilla will fund code audits for open source software
#933 “Bluetooth 5” spec coming next week with 2x more range and 4x better speed
#932 Lurk Banker trojan: Exclusively for Russia
#931 JIGSAW crypto-ransomware turns customer-centric, uses chat for ransom attempts
#930 Ransomware dominates the threat landscape
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#928 An interview with the Russian hacker probably selling your password right now
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