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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#878 Facebook’s new DeepText AI understands almost everything we write
“It’s raining! I need a ride!” somebody might wail on Messenger.

“Oh yea? I just got out of a taxi!” a friend might respond.

Wouldn’t it be nice (and, of course, revenue-producing) if Facebook’s algorithms could understand that the ride-needer needs a taxi, that he would probably say yes if Messenger prompted him to connect with Uber, and that his friend does not need a taxi since she just got out of one?

It can.

That’s exactly the scenario that Facebook’s trained its artificial intelligence (AI) language-processing to handle. Facebook announced its newest AI system, called DeepText, on Wednesday.

Facebook says that DeepText is a deep learning-based text understanding engine that can understand with near-human accuracy the textual content of thousands of posts per second, spanning more than 20 languages.
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#878 Facebook’s new DeepText AI understands almost everything we write
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