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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#822 Will CryptXXX replace TeslaCrypt after ransomware shakeup?
The departure of TeslaCrypt from the ransomware circle has gone and made waves in the cybercriminal world. Bad guys appear to be jumping ships in hopes of getting a chunk out of the share that was previously owned by TeslaCrypt. In line with this recent event, indicators are pointing to a new strong man in the ransomware game: CryptXXX.

CryptXXX (detected as RANSOM_WALTRIX.C) has been the recipient of recent updates; one of which took place after a free decryption tool surfaced that allowed victims to disregard the ransom. Not only does it encyrpt files, recent CryptXXX variants now have a lockscreen technique that prevents users from accessing their desktops.
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#822 Will CryptXXX replace TeslaCrypt after ransomware shakeup?
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