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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#801 Master decryption key released for TeslaCrypt ransomware
The criminals behind the TeslaCrypt ransomware have closed up shop and publicly released the master decryption key that unlocks files encrypted by the malware.

The news is significant given the investment and constant innovation devoted to TeslaCrypt, which has been one of the most active crypto-ransomware strains since it debuted in February 2015.

Researchers at Bleeping Computer said that researchers had noticed hints that distribution TeslaCrypt was being phased out in favor of CryptXXX ransomware, even though criminals behind the respective ransomware are likely different. A researcher from ESET, Bleeping Computer’s Lawrence Abrams said, asked for the master decryption key on a TeslaCrypt support site and the attackers capitulated, posting the key along with a message that partially read: “Project closed.”
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#801 Master decryption key released for TeslaCrypt ransomware
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