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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#789 Twitter ads could be exposing you to malware attacks
Over the past four days, some Twitter users have been noticing something strange: a flurry of tweets that appear to depict a young person removing their underwear.

They’re “promoted tweets”—essentially ads users have paid Twitter put in people’s timelines whether they’re following the advertiser or not.

Brands and celebrities use them to promote themselves. But these tweets were different. Not only did they feature unsettling images, which multiple users suggested might be child pornography, they also linked to a phishing site made to resemble YouTube.

So far this same picture has been sent from at least a dozen users’ accounts, though it no longer appears on any of their timelines. One of the senders claimed their account had been hacked.
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#789 Twitter ads could be exposing you to malware attacks
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