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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#786 Google set to kill SSLv3 and RC4 in SMTP, Gmail in June
Google clarified this week exactly when it plans to disable support for the RC4 stream cipher and the SSLv3 protocol on the company’s SMTP servers and Gmail’s web servers.

It turns out the end will come sooner than later; the company announced it will begin to disable both a month from now, on June 16.

Adam Langley, a security engineer with the company, announced last fall that Google was planning on moving away from both RC4 and SSLv3, citing a long history of weakness in the cipher and protocol. Langley initially failed to provide a timeline but acknowledged the company was looking to rid Chrome, Android, webcrawlers, and SMTP servers of RC4 and SSLv3 in the medium term.
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#786 Google set to kill SSLv3 and RC4 in SMTP, Gmail in June
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