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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#746 Malware parasites feed on gossip fans
The gossip news site has exposed recent visitors to malware, according to a cybersecurity alert.

California-based Cyphort Labs said that it had detected ads placed on the site being used to spread harmful code on two separate visits during one week.

The celebrity scandal site has not yet commented but was known to have suffered a similar problem last year.

Experts suggested users install ad-blocking plug-ins to defend themselves.

The phenomenon is known as "malvertising", and users do not have to click on the ads to find their device infected. is far from being the only publisher to have hosted the threat.

Cyphort identified 1,654 unique domains that had fallen victim to the parasitical attack in 2015, and said it believed it was on course to see more than 2,000 instances this year.

The New York Times, AOL and are among other popular sites thought to have been hijacked in this way. since January.
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#746 Malware parasites feed on gossip fans
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