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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#733 Locky ransomware gets clever!
Locky ransomware rise to fame in recent months. Locky is aggressively distributed via a JavaScript-based downloader sent as an attachment in spam emails, and may have overshadowed the Dridex banking Trojan as the top spam contributor.

FireEye Labs recently observed a new development in the way this ransomware communicates with its control server. Recent samples of Locky are once again being delivered via “Invoice”-related email campaigns, as seen in Figure 1. When the user runs the attached JavaScript, the JavaScript will attempt to download and execute the Locky ransomware payload from hxxp://

This new Locky variant was observed to be highly evasive in its network communication. It uses both symmetric and asymmetric encryption – unlike previous versions that use custom encoding – to communicate with its control server.
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#733 Locky ransomware gets clever!
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