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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#725 How was this Windows Store app able to download adware to a Windows 10 PC?
One of the biggest selling points of the Windows Store is its promise of safety. Apps have to be approved to make it into the store, and the sandbox in which apps run should prevent them from causing any damage or installing malware or unwanted software.

That doesn't mean developers can't try shady tricks. But their options are extremely limited, which is why I was surprised to find an app in the Windows Store last week that actually succeeded in downloading adware to a Windows 10 PC.

An unsophisticated user might have been fooled into going one step further and running that software, resulting in the installation of an annoying piece of adware and potentially much worse.
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#725 How was this Windows Store app able to download adware to a Windows 10 PC?
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