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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#706 Public exploits available for ImageMagick vulnerabilities
Within hours of the disclosure of serious vulnerabilities in ImageMagick, public exploits were available increasing the risk to thousands of websites that make use of the open source image-processing software.

Attackers can append malicious code to an image file that ImageMagick will process without question, leading to, in the case of one of the vulnerabilities, remote code execution. The scope of the issue is severe since image-processing plugins such as PHP imagick, Ruby rmagick and Ruby paperclip, and nodeJS imagemagick among others are built on top of the ImageMagick library.

Researcher Ryan Huber was among the first on Tuesday to publicly disclose that ImageMagick had a problem. A researcher from the team in Russia who goes by the handle Stewie found the flaw, while Nikolay Ermishkin, also of the team, found the remote code execution issue.

“We have collectively determined that these vulnerabilities are available to individuals other than the person(s) who discovered them,” Huber wrote on the ImageTragick website, a landing page complete with FAQ on the bugs. “An unknowable number of people having access to these vulnerabilities makes this a critical issue for everyone using this software.”
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