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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#698 Google expands default HTTPS to Blogspot
Google today flipped the switch on default HTTPS support for its free domain service provider Blogspot, upping the security ante for the millions of users of the popular platform.

Google had previously introduced HTTPS support for Blogspot domains as an option in September 2015. Starting Tuesday, Google said, the browser-to-website encryption technology would be automatically added to every Blogspot domain blog.

“Any time you add encryption to a transport layer it’s a good thing,” said Rick Doten, chief of cyber and information security at Arlington, Va.-based consultancy Crumpton Group. He said, Google is just the most recent company to add encryption to their platform following high-profile encryption moves by WhatsApp and Viber.
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#698 Google expands default HTTPS to Blogspot
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