Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#662 Cisco: Tuto4PC utilities silently install 12M mackdoors
Security experts are warning PC users of scareware computer utilities published by the French firm Tuto4PC that secretly bundle adware and spyware. Cisco’s Talos security research team said several of the company’s utilities, including OneSoftPerDay and System Healer, contain Trojans that exhibit “malicious intent and behavior.”

Talos estimates 12 million users have been enticed to download one of Tuto4PC’s software programs. Researchers say once PC users install one of its utilities, the software acts like malware and installs a Trojan called Wizz.
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#665 7 million unsalted MD5 passwords leaked by Minecraft community Lifeboat
#664 Steam patches broken crypto in wake of replay, padding Oracle attacks
#663 Firefox 46 patches critical memory vulnerabilities
#662 Cisco: Tuto4PC utilities silently install 12M mackdoors
#661 RuMMS: The latest family of Android malware attacking users in Russia via SMS phishing
#660 Hundreds of Spotify credentials appear online – users report accounts hacked
#659 Hacking group “PLATINUM” used Windows’ own patching system against it
#658 If you use Waze, hackers can stalk you
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