Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#642 PowerShell used for spreading Trojan.Laziok through Google Docs
Through our multi-flow detection capability, we recently identified malicious actors spreading Trojan.Laziok malware via Google Docs. We observed that the attackers managed to upload the payload to Google Docs in March 2016. During the brief time it was live, users accessing the malicious page from Internet Explorer (versions 3 to 11) would have become the unwilling hosts for the infostealer payload without any security warning. After we alerted Google about its presence, they quickly cleaned it and the original URL involved in propagation also went down.
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#645 MIT launches experimental bug bounty program
#644 “Nuclear” exploit kit service cashes in on demand from cryptoransomware rings
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#642 PowerShell used for spreading Trojan.Laziok through Google Docs
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