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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#626 New crypto-ransomware JIGSAW plays nasty games
The evolution of crypto-ransomware in terms of behavior takes a step forward, and a creepy one at that. We have recently encountered a nasty crypto-ransomware variant called JIGSAW. Reminiscent to the horror film Saw, this malware toys with users by locking and deleting their files incrementally. To an extent, it instills fear and pressures users into paying the ransom. It even comes with an image of Saw’s very own Billy the puppet, and the red analog clock to boot.

It’s no longer a surprise that crypto-ransomware is the prevalent threat in today’s computing landscape, given its promise of quick ROI for the cybercriminals behind it. It’s also not surprising that many have joined this bandwagon. These days, the name of the crypto-ransomware game is to add “unique” features or “creative” ways to instill fear and put more pressure to users to pay up, despite the fact that, when it comes to their technical routines, there’s not much difference among these malware. JIGSAW joins notable
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#626 New crypto-ransomware JIGSAW plays nasty games
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