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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#579 Meet the Cryptoworm, the future of ransomware
Ransomware is evolving and soon will share the same deadly efficiencies as notorious worms of the past, such as Conficker and SQL Slammer. In fact, according to security researchers at Cisco Talos, today’s newest ransomware, SamSam, is a harbinger of a new wave of more malicious, tenacious and costly ransomware to come. “Ransomware authors are always looking for bigger payouts and to further their reach,” said Joe Marshall, security research manager with Cisco Talos. “We believe ransomware authors are going to look to past successful campaigns when they look to cast a wider net in the future.”
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#585 Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2016
#584 BAE Systems warns about shape-shifting strain of Qbot malware
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#580 Real Future: What happens when you dare expert hackers to hack you
#579 Meet the Cryptoworm, the future of ransomware
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