Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#570 Academics claim Google Android two-factor authentication is breakable
If attackers have control over the browser on the PC of a user using Google services (like Gmail, Google+, etc.), they can push any app with any permission on any of the user's Android devices, and activate it - allowing one to bypass 2-factor authentication via the phone. Moreover, the installation can be stealthy (without any icon appearing on the screen). For short, we refer to the vulnerability as the BAndroid (Browser-to-Android) vulnerability and to attacks that abuse it as BAndroid attacks.
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#576 Google developers create API for direct USB access via web pages
#575 Surveillance cameras sold on Amazon infected with malware
#574 More big-name sites hit by rash of malicious ads that attack end users
#573 Sweden military servers hacked, used in 2013 attack on US banks
#572 Petya ransomware encryption system cracked
#571 Syrian government hacked, 43 GB of data spilled online by hacktivists
#570 Academics claim Google Android two-factor authentication is breakable
#569 A look into Adobe Flash player CVE-2016-1019 0-day attack
#568 Mumblehard takedown ends army of Linux servers from spamming
#567 Big data's biggest problem: It's too hard to get the data in
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