Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#555 Mac adware OSX.Pirrit unleashes ad overload, for now
Researchers discovered a Mac OS X variant of the Windows-based Pirrit adware that creates a proxy server on infected Mac computers and injects ads into webpages. According to researchers at Boston-based Cybereason Labs, the adware, dubbed OSX.Pirrit, is mostly benign, serving up just ads, but has the potential to morph into something more sinister.
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#560 OK, panic - newly evolved ransomware is bad news for everyone
#559 50 million Turkish citizens could be exposed in massive data breach
#558 FBI: $2.3 billion lost to CEO email scams
#557 Linux botnet attacks increase in scale
#556 FBI quietly admits to multi-year APT attack, sensitive data stolen
#555 Mac adware OSX.Pirrit unleashes ad overload, for now
#554 Edge to follow Chrome’s lead, make Flash ads click-to-play
#553 Latest Flash 0-day being used to push ransomware
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