Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#553 Latest Flash 0-day being used to push ransomware
Exploits for a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player are being aggressively distributed in two exploit kits. The zero day, meanwhile, was patched by Adobe in an emergency update released Thursday night. Attackers are using the previously unpatched flaw in the maligned Flash Player to infect victims with either Locky or Cerber ransomware. Locky is a relatively new crypto-ransomware strain, spread primarily via spam with attachments enticing users to enable macros in Word documents that download the malware onto machines. Cerber is also crypto-ransomware that includes a feature where the infected machine will speak to the victim.
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#560 OK, panic - newly evolved ransomware is bad news for everyone
#559 50 million Turkish citizens could be exposed in massive data breach
#558 FBI: $2.3 billion lost to CEO email scams
#557 Linux botnet attacks increase in scale
#556 FBI quietly admits to multi-year APT attack, sensitive data stolen
#555 Mac adware OSX.Pirrit unleashes ad overload, for now
#554 Edge to follow Chrome’s lead, make Flash ads click-to-play
#553 Latest Flash 0-day being used to push ransomware
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