Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#531 US: Four tax scams to watch out for this tax season
Tax season is a ripe time for phishing and spreading malware; without fail, tax-related online scams remain a most popular type of phishing scam each and every year. Through our threat intelligence network, we have identified four types of tax scams that individuals and businesses should be wary of as they’re preparing to file their taxes in 2016.
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#534 BREACH attacks revived to steal private messages from Gmail and Facebook
#533 WhatsApp enables end-to-end encryption for all forms of communications by default
#532 Multiple critical vulnerabilities in Quanta routers won’t be patched
#531 US: Four tax scams to watch out for this tax season
#530 Firefox add-on flaw leaves Apple and Windows computers open to attack
#529 Wordpress, Joomla domains under attack through jQuery JavaScript library
#528 ‘Surreptitious sharing’ Android API flaw leaks data, private keys
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