Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#517 Maktub ransomware creators want your money fast
The Maktub Locker infection comes in the usual way: A spam mail from some company with an executable file (.exe) disguised as a text/pdf document. This file will open an “Updating our privacy policies and terms of service” text file that we will read because everyone reads them all the time, don’t we? But while we are doing that, the original file will start encrypting our files just as the other cryptolockers do.
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#519 FBI mum on how exactly it hacked Tor
#518 New ransomware KimcilWare targets Magento websites
#517 Maktub ransomware creators want your money fast
#516 PayPal vulnerability allowed attackers to send fraudulent emails
#515 PHP, Python and Google Go fail to detect revoked TLS certificates
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