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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#506 Root servers were not targets of 2015 DDoS attack
Matt Weinberg and Duane Wessels are scheduled to deliver a talk at DNS-OARC 24 in Buenos Aires where they will present their review of the malicious UDP traffic absorbed by the A- and J-Root servers under VeriSign’s control. In their slides, Weinberg and Wessels identify two domains, 336901[.]com and 916yy[.]com, as the real targets with attacks peaking near five million queries per second for each domain on the A and J root servers. Both domains are registered to individuals in China, according to Whois data. The researchers also speculate that the attacks could have originated from a botnet pushing the BillGates or WebTools malware, both of which are known to generate DNS attacks.
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#514 Apple releases iOS 9.3.1 with fix for unresponsive links
#513 Patch out for 'ridiculous' Trend Micro command execution vulnerability
#512 Cybercriminals are overcoming barriers to cooperate on making malware more dangerous
#511 Most prevalent Android ransomware in the west arrives in Japan
#510 Cyber criminals 'hacked law firms'
#509 Weakness in iOS enterprise hooks could let bad apps sneak in
#508 UK cops tell suspect to hand over crypto keys in US hacking case
#507 Meet Remaiten – a Linux bot on steroids targeting routers and potentially other IoT devices
#506 Root servers were not targets of 2015 DDoS attack
#505 CloudFlare: 94 percent of the Tor traffic we see is “per se malicious”
#504 Microsoft extends its Windows Hello login security features to apps and the web
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