Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#491 Petya ransomware encrypts master file table
Researchers at BleepingComputer said on Friday that the malware is spreading in emails that contain a Dropbox link that will lead to a file that installs the ransomware. The malware replaces the boot drive’s Master Boot Record with a malicious loader. The malware forces Windows to reboot and displays a phony check disk (CHKDSK) operation to the victim while the malware executes in the background and encrypts the master file table.
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#491 Petya ransomware encrypts master file table
#490 Apple releases new version of iOS 9.3 for older devices affected by activation lock bug
#489 POS malware tool ‘Treasurehunt’ targets small US-based banks, retailers
#488 Google scales the Great Firewall, falls off 105 minutes later
#487 Badlock vulnerability clues few and far between
#486 Flaw in Truecaller Android app leaves data of millions of users exposed
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