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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#481 Apple OS X 0-day bypasses native SIP protection
System Integrity Protection (SIP) was implemented in OS X El Capitan and imposes limitations on what actions that Mac computers’ root accounts can take against protected paths of the operating system. Yesterday at the SysCan360 conference in Singapore, a researcher from SentinelOne disclosed details of a vulnerability that was patched by Apple this week only in El Capitan that if exploited bypasses SIP.
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#483 Fileless PowerWare ransomware found on healthcare network
#482 Google fixes four critical vulnerabilities in latest Chrome build
#481 Apple OS X 0-day bypasses native SIP protection
#480 "Reverse Engineering for Beginners" free book
#479 Stealthy USB malware targeting air-gapped PCs leaves no trace of infection
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