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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#403 Skype co-founder launches end-to-end encrypted 'Wire' app
A group of former Skype, Apple and Microsoft employees, backed by Skype’s co-founder Janus Friis, created a Skype alternative called “Wire” back in 2014, which wasn’t end-to-end encrypted at the time. The team announced that the latest version of the app brings open source end-to-end encryption from everything to chats to video calls, as well as multi-device end-to-end encryption.
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#408 Encrypted WhatsApp voice calls frustrate new court-ordered wiretap
#407 Windows 10 upgrade reportedly starting automatically on sindows 7 PCs
#406 Marriott must pay $600,000 for blocking personal WiFi hotspots
#405 600,000 TFTP servers can be abused for reflection DDoS attacks
#404 Critical bug in libotr could open users of ChatSecure, Adium, Pidgin to compromise
#403 Skype co-founder launches end-to-end encrypted 'Wire' app
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