Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#334 First step in cross-platform Trojan bankers from Brazil done
Brazilian cybercriminals have been “competing” with their Russian-speaking “colleagues” for a while in who makes more Trojan bankers and whose are most effective. A few days ago we found a new wave of different campaigns spreading the initial “Banloader” components in Jar (Java archive), which is very particular by its nature – it’s able to run on Linux, OS X, and of course Windows. Actually, it’s also able to run under certain circumstances even on mobile devices.
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#335 PSA: Updated Apple certificate means old OSX installers don’t work anymore
#334 First step in cross-platform Trojan bankers from Brazil done
#333 Weak bank password policies leave 350 million vulnerable
#332 Amazon just removed encryption from the software powering Kindles, phones, and tablets
#331 Time to pay attention: The Internet of Things is about to go mainstream
#330 Businesses are still scared of reporting cyberattacks to the police
#329 Operation Fingerprint: a look into several angler exploit kit malvertising campaigns (PDF)
#328 US bank hacker faces long jail term
#327 OpenSSL operating with renewed vision two years after Heartbleed
#326 Gentle reminder at RSA: hacking back is a bad idea
#325 Windows built-in PDF reader exposes edge browser to hacking
#324 UK: 'Trolls' face criminal prosecution for fake online profiles
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