Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#333 Weak bank password policies leave 350 million vulnerable
In a study that looked at the password strength required to access website account for Wells Fargo, Capital One and 15 other banks, researchers found that 35 percent had significant weaknesses in their password policies, according to University of New Haven Cyber Forensic Research and Education Group.
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#335 PSA: Updated Apple certificate means old OSX installers don’t work anymore
#334 First step in cross-platform Trojan bankers from Brazil done
#333 Weak bank password policies leave 350 million vulnerable
#332 Amazon just removed encryption from the software powering Kindles, phones, and tablets
#331 Time to pay attention: The Internet of Things is about to go mainstream
#330 Businesses are still scared of reporting cyberattacks to the police
#329 Operation Fingerprint: a look into several angler exploit kit malvertising campaigns (PDF)
#328 US bank hacker faces long jail term
#327 OpenSSL operating with renewed vision two years after Heartbleed
#326 Gentle reminder at RSA: hacking back is a bad idea
#325 Windows built-in PDF reader exposes edge browser to hacking
#324 UK: 'Trolls' face criminal prosecution for fake online profiles
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