Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#282 Advertisers need four apps to identify you
A study from the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation found the majority of mobile phone users can be re-identified in a dataset by as few as four of the apps they had installed on their smartphones, raising privacy concerns as platforms increasingly share app data with advertisers.
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#289 Malware and skimmer, explosions and hammers: How attackers go after ATM
#288 KeyBase keylogger usage explodes after getting leaked online
#287 Drupal update fixes 10 vulnerabilities, one critical
#286 Op-ed: The international politics of VPN regulation
#285 Malicious websites exploit Silverlight bug that can pwn Macs and Windows
#284 Have we been hit by hackers? No idea, CIOs admit
#283 PWC report: businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable due to lack of understanding over risks.
#282 Advertisers need four apps to identify you
#281 G DATA Mobile Malware Report (PDF) - 758,133 new Android malware Q4 2015
#280 CTB-Locker/Critroni finds new legs targeting websites
#279 Windows 10 is showing ads on your lockscreen, here's how to turn them off
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