Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#271 Operation Blockbuster revealed
Kaspersky Lab has joined industry alliance driven by Novetta to announce Operation Blockbuster. Just like the previous Operation SMN, this alliance brings together key players in the IT security industry, working together in an effort to disrupt and neutralize multiple cyberespionage campaigns that have been active for several years. Some of the targets of these campaigns included financial institutions, media houses and manufacturing companies, among others.
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#278 Project Shield, Google’s free DDoS protection service, is now open to any news site
#277 Carnegie Mellon Uni. (CMU) researchers were hired by the federal government to break Tor
#276 Japan considers treating bitcoins the same as real money
#275 Siri for Mac will be one of OSX 10.12’s major new features
#274 Tor users blocked or faced with CAPTCHA if IP address matches known exit node.
#273 Attackers can turn Microsoft's exploit defense tool EMET against itself
#272 ASUS hit by FTC with 20-year audit for bungled router security
#271 Operation Blockbuster revealed
#270 Secure messaging app Telegram hits 100 million users
#269 Citizen Lab: Baidu Browser transmitting IMEI, location, URLs visited, CPU model
#268 Top ten OS for ethical hackers and security researchers
#267 Researchers create super-efficient WiFi - consumes 10,000 times less power
#266 Cross-site scripting (XSS) enabled on 1000 major sites – including financial
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