Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#252 Source code for Android banking malware leaked
Source code for the potent Android malware GM Bot has been leaked to underground forums, according to IBM security experts. The impact, IBM X-Force threat intelligence says, will be an uptick in GM Bot variants and the number of attacks targeting financial applications on Android-based devices.
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#254 HTTP GZIP leaks data on the general location of Tor websites
#253 Linux kernel bug delivers corrupt TCP/IP data to Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker containers
#252 Source code for Android banking malware leaked
#251 Australia is the leading country where users are attacked by mobile banking Trojans
#250 Russian bank employees received fake job offers in targeted email attack Trojan.Ratopak
#249 MWC 2016: Mastercard rolls out selfie and fingerprints ID checks
#248 Web Authentication Working Group will finally kill passwords
#247 Beware of Backdoored Linux Mint ISOs
#246 Google AdWords switching to 4 ads on top, none on sidebar
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