Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#241 AirDroid patches vulnerability exposing Android data
A critical vulnerability impacting 50 million Android users running the popular AirDroid application has been patched. AirDroid, an app that allows you link an Android device to a computer and send SMS messages, run apps and add contacts via a Wi-Fi connected web browser, released the patch Jan. 29.
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#245 New Open Connectivity Foundation will further innovation of the Internet of Things
#244 Joomla sites join WordPress as TeslaCrypt ransomware target
#243 Tor: 'Mystery' spike in hidden addresses
#242 Exposed VNC server discovered in comodo gear
#241 AirDroid patches vulnerability exposing Android data
#240 Christopher Ahlberg on tracking Hackers through patterns across forums (VIDEO)
#239 How does HSBC's voice recognition banking service work? (VIDEO)
#238 Hard Drive Reliability Review for 2015
#237 McAfee will break iPhone crypto for FBI in 3 weeks or eat shoe on live TV
#236 Hack disarms SimpliSafe’s home wireless security systems
#235 App vulnerabilities, patching, and ransomware 2016 key security risks: HPE
#234 Samsung, Oracle to provide updated Apache tools for enterprise developers
#233 Trojan Cidox, Bebloh used by spammers tailoring spam for Brazil, India and Japan
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