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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#2258 Samsung Smart TV flaw leaves devices open to hackers
Your Samsung Smart TV might be pretty dumb.

Penetration testing firm Neseso has found that a 32-inch Tizen-based smart TV, first released as part of the 2015 model year and still being sold in North America, isn’t authenticating devices that connect to it via Wi-Fi Direct.

Rather than requiring a password or PIN to authenticate devices that want to connect to the TV – like, say, your smartphone when you want to use it as a remote control – it’s relying on a whitelist of devices that the user’s already authorized.

To do that, Samsung’s Smart TV uses devices’ media access control (MAC) addresses. Those are like a digital fingerprint: a MAC address is constant to a piece of hardware (though it can be spoofed, either for legitimate purposes or by a thief who wants to hide it).
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#2258 Samsung Smart TV flaw leaves devices open to hackers
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