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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#2257 Hack the US Air Force, and make cash… legally!
It shouldn’t be any surprise at all to hear that people are trying to hack into the United States Air Force’s networks and computer systems.

And, as everyone knows, if you hack into the US Air Force’s systems without their permission you’re breaking the law and – if caught – could face a severe prison sentence.

But there is one way to hack the US Air Force without having the book thrown at you. And you can even legally earn yourself a tidy sum of money at the same time. And that’s by hacking the US Air Force systems with its explicit permission.

Yesterday, the US Air Force used a Facebook live stream to announce a new initiative it was launching with HackerOne called “Hack the Air Force”, inviting white-hat hackers to find security vulnerabilities on its public-facing servers and websites, and offering bug bounty payments for those who discover flaws.
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#2257 Hack the US Air Force, and make cash… legally!
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