Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#2192 Are you identifiable by extensions, logins and your browser?
Are you identifiable is a new web service that answers whether Internet sites may identify you based on your extensions, logins, and web browser.

Online privacy is a hot topic, and making sure that you you are not tracked or traced online may soon require a master's degree in privacy.

New technologies, the rise of HTML5 and all that came with it for instance, added new capabilities. As is the case with these things usually, they can be used for good and bad.

It is no longer enough to use a VPN, or a content blocker to keep some of your privacy while you are on the Internet. You also need to know and deal with new technologies such as WebRTC or intermediate CA caching, to avoid leaks or browser fingerprinting scripts.
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#2193 Hackers empty ATM by drilling one small hole
#2192 Are you identifiable by extensions, logins and your browser?
#2191 No More Ransom adds 15 new decryption tools as record number of partners join global initiative
#2190 Report: 30% of malware is 0day, missed by legacy antivirus
#2189 Over The Air: Exploiting Broadcom’s WiFi stack (Part 1)
#2188 Advanced Chinese hacking campaign infiltrates IT service providers across the globe
#2187 A free decryption tool is now available for all Bart ransomware versions
#2186 Android beware: State-backed Pegasus spyware is found using phones to eavesdrop and grab data
#2185 Google and Apple issue security updates for critical broadcom WiFi vulnerabilities
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