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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#2178 This book reads you - using JavaScript
On a previous post about ePub parsers (This book reads you - exploiting services and readers that support the ePub book format), I mentioned using scripting capabilities in ePub to perform local attacks against users.

Apple just released a fix for one issue I reported last year in iBooks that allowed access to files on a users system when a book was opened. iBooks on El Capitan would open an ePub using the file:// origin, which would allow an attacker to access the users file system when they opened a book. (CVE-2017-2426)

To help demonstrate how this could be used to perform attacks against users, I added a WebSocket client to a book, so that all users who open the book will connect back to a WebSocket controller server that will feed them arbitrary instructions. The WebSocket client in the ePub will allow access as long as the user has the book open (expectation is that it could be open for a long time, if the user is provided with something worth reading).
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#2178 This book reads you - using JavaScript
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