Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1905 Galileo satellites experiencing multiple clock failures
The onboard atomic clocks that drive the satellite-navigation signals on Europe's Galileo network have been failing at an alarming rate.

Across the 18 satellites now in orbit, nine clocks have stopped operating.

Three are traditional rubidium devices; six are the more precise hydrogen maser instruments that were designed to give Galileo superior performance to the American GPS network.
#1904 Carbanak group uses Google for malware command-and-control
Forcepoint Security Labs™ recently investigated a trojanized RTF document which we tied to the Carbank criminal gang. The document contains an encoded Visual Basic Script (VBScript) typical of previous Carbanak malware. Recent samples of the malware have now included the ability to use Google services for command-and-control (C&C) communication. We have notified Google of the abuse and are working with them to share additional information.

Carbanak (also known as Anunak) are a group of financially motivated criminals first exposed in 2015. The actors typically steal from financial institutions using targeted malware. Recently a new Carbanak attack campaign dubbed "Digital Plagiarist" was exposed where the group used weaponized office documents hosted on mirrored domains, in order to distribute malware.
#1903 Encrypted email service ProtonMail opens door for Tor users
ProtonMail now has a home on the dark web.

The encrypted email provider announced Thursday it will allow its users to access the site through the Tor anonymity service.

The aim is to allow its more than 2 million users access the provider by taking "active measures to defend against state-sponsored censorship," such as government-mandated blocks at the internet provider level.
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