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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#889 BlackShades ransomware targets US, Russians, teases researchers
Researchers who dig deep through the code of one of the latest strains of ransomware might be surprised and even a little irked at what they find. Hidden inside some of those strings of code are taunts aimed at them.

According to Lawrence Abrams who runs, the malware, BlackShades Crypter a/k/a SilentShades was spotted late last month by a researcher that goes by the name Jack, targeting both users in the United States and Russia. The ransomware behaves like most variants and once a user is infected it goes ahead and encrypts users’ files with an extension, in this case “.silent.”
#888 Banks: credit card breach at CiCi’s pizza
CiCi’s Pizza, an American fast food business based in Coppell, Texas with more than 500 stores in 35 states, appears to be the latest restaurant chain to struggle with a credit card breach. The data available so far suggests that hackers obtained access to card data at affected restaurants by posing as technical support specialists for the company’s point-of-sale provider, and that multiple other retailers have been targeted by this same cybercrime gang.

Over the past two months, KrebsOnSecurity has received inquiries from fraud fighters at more than a half-dozen financial institutions in the United States — all asking if I had any information about a possible credit card breach at CiCi’s. Every one of these banking industry sources said the same thing: They’d detected a pattern of fraud on cards that all had all been used in the last few months at various CiCi’s Pizza locations.

Earlier today, I finally got around to reaching out to the CiCi’s headquarters in Texas and was referred to a third-party restaurant management firm called Champion Management. When I called Champion and told them why I was inquiring, they said “the issue” was being handled by an outside public relations firm called SPM Communications.
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