Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#323 Darktrace's 'digital antibodies' fight unknown cybersecurity threats with machine learning
Cybersecurity firm Darktrace has launched new cyberdefence tool which it claims uses machine learning to automatically fight back against cybercrime threats, even if the malicious intrusion is previously unknown.
#322 Pentagon invites hackers in and backs encryption
The Pentagon has invited external experts to hack into its systems in the first such test of its cybersecurity measures
#321 iOS 9.3 lets IT admins set an iPhone's homescreen layout, blacklist apps
Apple's forthcoming mobile OS update will give admins new tools to make sure company-issued iPhones are focused on work and not play.
#320 Threat actors behind “Shrouded Crossbow” create BIFROSE for UNIX
BIFROSE has been updated by Shrouded Crossbow specifically for the campaigns they pursue. Some of their victims have already been compromised by both Windows and UNIX versions of BIFROSE. Historically, Shrouded Crossbow has used BIFROSE to target privatized government agencies, government offices, and government contractors, as well as companies in the consumer electronics, computer, healthcare, and financial industries.
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