Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#232 Boy arrested in Glasgow over alleged FBI computer hack
A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in Glasgow over alleged computer hacking, with reports suggesting the target was the FBI network in the United States.
#231 Twitter admits to password recovery bug affecting thousands of users
Twitter has applied a fix to what it described as a "password recovery bug" that has exposed nearly 10,000 accounts on the microblogging site.
#230 DLink DSL2750B firmware 1.01-3 - remote command execution no auth required
It's also possible to retrieve admin password, wifi passphrase etc
#229 Instagram bug could have allowed others to read your direct messages
Unauthorized users couldn’t actually reply to these messages; trying to do so would simply display their own accounts. But they could see what-you-probably-thought-was-private information – not least, who you were swapping messages with, their profile photo, and some of the message (but not the photo itself).
#228 Instagram tightens security with 2factor authentication
Instagram will soon let users hack-proof their accounts with two-factor authentication, following the footsteps of other big social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
#227 When phone verification and recycled numbers collide, Lyft leaks user data
A bizarre security flaw involving recycled phone numbers is allowing some users of the taxi-hailing app Lyft to access other riders’ accounts, exposing names, e-mail addresses, complete ride histories, and credit card information.
#226 Locky, crypto-ransomware rides in on malicious Word document macro
Several security researchers have discovered a new type of malware that jumps onto the ransomware bandwagon, encrypting victims' files and then demanding a payment of half a bitcoin for the key. Named "Locky," the malware depends on a rather low-tech installation method to take root in a user's system: it arrives courtesy of a malicious macro in a Word document.
#225 Google and WhatsApp chiefs back Apple in backdoor fight
The CEOs of Google and WhatsApp have thrown their support behind Apple's decision to fight against a US Federal Court order requiring the company to develop a special version of iOS to help the FBI access data on a terror suspect's iPhone.
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