Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#116 Crypto flaw was so glaring it may be intentional eavesdropping backdoor
Network tool contained hard-coded prime number that wasn't prime after all. An open source network utility used by administrators and security professionals contains a cryptographic weakness so severe that it may have been intentionally created to give attackers a surreptitious way to eavesdrop on protected communications, its developer warned Monday.
#115 URLZone Back, Targeting Banks in Japan
After a good two to three years of relative silence, the gang behind the banking Trojan URLZone has become more active over the past few months and taken aim at banks across Europe and beginning last month, Japan.
#114 UK radio disturbance caused by satellite network bug
A BBC spokesman confirmed that the decommissioning of a GPS satellite led to difficulties for listeners receiving digital radio signals.
#113 Google doubles Cloud Compute local SSD capacity: Now it's 3TB per VM
Google Cloud Compute Engine customers running big databases can now attach up to 3TB of high IOPS local solid-state drive (SSD) to a single virtual machine. The new capacity, which Google has launched in beta, doubles the previous limit of four local SSD 375GB partitions attached to each machine to eight partitions, amounting to a total of 3TB compared with the previous 1.5TB limit.
#112 $500 zero-day ransomware attack takes Lincolnshire council offline for nearly a week
IT systems at Lincolnshire County Council have returned to normal nearly a week after they were hit with ransomware. The local authority was infected after a user opened an email which caused malware to attack its computer systems. Systems have now been restored and Lincolnshire says no data was stolen in the attack.
#111 Android security: Google kills remote hacker bug, patches seven critical flaws
Google has fixed a critical bug in Android that can be remotely exploited by an email, MMS, or link to a webpage that contains a specially-crafted media file.
#110 Critical WiFi Flaw Patched on Android
The patch addresses multiple vulnerabilities in the Broadcom Wi-Fi driver that could be abused to allow for remote code execution. The patches were pushed out in builds LMY49G or later to Nexus devices and shared on Jan. 4 with carrier and manufacturer partners. The fixes are expected to be released to the Android Open Source Project in the next two days.
#109 Microsoft’s new way of cooling its data centers: Throw them in the sea
Microsoft has demonstrated an experimental prototype of a new approach: instead of pumping water around the data center, put the data center in the water. Project Natick is a research project to build and run a data center that's submerged in the ocean.
#108 Nokia shows off 8Gbps over 50m copper runs in Germany
Nokia has partnered with Deutsche Telekom to demonstrate that its latest XG-Fast technology is capable of delivering 11Gbps over a 50-metre run on two bonded pairs of Category 6 cable under laboratory conditions. Using a standard drop cable, Nokia said XG-Fast is capable of aggregate rate in excess of 8Gbps on 50-metre runs.
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