Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#107 Default settings in Apache may decloak Tor hidden services
Websites that rely on the Tor anonymity service to cloak their server address may be leaking their geographic location and other sensitive information thanks to a setting that's turned on by default in many releases of Apache, the world's most widely used Web server.
#106 Feds don’t need crypto backdoor to spy — your TV and toothbrush will do
"The audio and video sensors on IoT devices will open up numerous avenues for government actors to demand access to real-time and recorded communications," according to a Berkman Center for Internet & Society report published Monday.
#105 Microsoft debuts new bring-your-own Windows Server license - Azure Hybrid Use
A single processor-based Windows Server license allows users to use Windows Server on up to 16 cores in Azure.
#104 Using IPv6 with Linux? You’ve likely been visited by Shodan and other scanners
Network administrators have discovered a clever way that scanners are piercing the IPv6 cloak of obscurity. By setting up an IPv6-based network time protocol service most Internet-connected devices rely on to keep their internal clocks accurate, the operators can harvest huge numbers of IPv6 addresses that would otherwise remain unknown. The server operators can then scan hundreds or thousands of ports attached to each address to identify publicly available surveillance cameras, unpatched server
#103 US and European Union fail to strike deal on new Safe Harbor pact
Efforts to secure a new data transfer pact between the US and the European Union failed to meet a January 31 deadline set by national privacy regulators in the 28-member-state bloc.
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