Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#44 Targeted Mobile Implants in the Age of Cyber-Espionage
Android-based phones are more affordable and, consequently, more popular worldwide. That is why threat actors responsible for targeted attacks have Android phones as their #1 priority and have developed implants for this operating system in particular.
#43 'Teens' Who Hacked CIA Director Also Hit White House Official
This time, the victim is President Barack Obama’s senior advisor on science and technology John Holdren, Motherboard has learned. One of the cybercriminals linked to the group that hacked Brennan broke into Holdren’s home telephone and email account and set it so that all the calls would get forwarded to the Free Palestine Movement.
#42 Apple asked widow for court order when she sought late husband’s password
A woman whose husband died has spent months trying to gain access to his Apple account, according to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation report today. Apple initially told the woman that she would have to provide a will and death certificate, but once she provided those documents the company reportedly asked for something else—a court order.
#41 Encryption backdoors by law? France says 'non'
A proposed amendment to France's Digital Republic Bill, suggesting mandatory hardware backdoors to bypass encryption, has been rejected by the government.
#40 Ukraine blames Russia for cyber-attack on airport
The Ukrainian government said that Russia is behind cyber-attacks that have left its largest airport infected with the Black Energy malware.
#39 LastPass Phishing Attack Lets Hackers Get All Your Passwords
Using a new phishing attack developed by security researcher Sean Cassidy, attackers could gain access to all passwords stored by a user of LastPass, including accounts protected by strong security measures like two-factor authentication.
#38 Hyatt Card Breach Hit 250 Hotels in 50 Nations
If you stayed, ate or played at a Hyatt hotel between Aug. 13 and Dec. 8, 2015, there’s a good chance your credit or debit card data was stolen by unknown cyber thieves who infiltrated many of the hotel chain’s payment systems.
#37 How malware developers could bypass Mac’s Gatekeeper without really trying
In September, Ars reported a drop-dead simple exploit that completely bypassed an OS X security feature known as Gatekeeper. Apple shipped a fix, but now the security researcher who discovered the original vulnerability said he found an equally obvious work-around.
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