Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#10 LastPass 4.0 gives others access to your password vault in emergencies
LastPass announced that LastPass 4.0, a password management system, has been developed with general users in mind, and offers an interesting new feature that gives access to vaults to trusted contacts in case of emergency.
#9 What about Canada, eh? – The Canadian threat landscape
Given that there are very few threat reports that focus on or cover Canada, Trend Micro delves into the threats awaiting users on the Canadaian Internet landscape.
#8 Best 6 free DNS services 2016 – boost Internet performance and security
Making use of popular and free DNS services may protect against the effects of attacks against wired and wireless routers and local operators.
#6 Fatally weak MD5 function torpedoes crypto protections in HTTPS and IPSEC
If you thought MD5 was banished from HTTPS encryption, you'd be wrong. It turns out that the fatally weak cryptographic hash function, along with its SHA1 cousin, are still widely used in the TLS protocol that underpins HTTPS. Researchers have devised a series of attacks that exploit the weaknesses to break or degrade key protection provided not only by HTTPS but also other encryption protocols, including IPsec and SSH.
#4 Brain Test re-emerges: 13 apps found in Google Play
The Brain Test malware family has unfortunately made a comeback on Google Play. Variants attempt to gain root privileges, and resist factory resets and other efforts to remove them, especially on rooted devices.
#3 Let’s Encrypt now being abused by malvertisers
An SSL certificate from the free and open authority Let's Encrypt has been used in a malware campaign for the first time.
#2 Time Warner Cable says 320,000 customers may have been breached
Time Warner Cable admits that the personal details of over 320,000 customers may have been leaked. However, the company said there are "no indications" its systems were breached, and pointed the finger at third-party firms that may have stored customer information.
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