Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1987 IBM integrates Watson into its security operations platform
IBM said Watson will be at the core of its cognitive platform for cybersecurity operations. In a nutshell, Watson will aim to ride shot gun with security analysts to defend against attacks.

Big Blue announced general availability of Watson for Cyber Security, an offering that has been tested with more than 40 customers over the last year. In that time, Watson has ingested more than 1 million security documents.

The aim is to help security analysts go through Watson's knowledge base with natural language. IBM is also integrating its X-Force Command Center network, which tracks security events.
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#1990 Security and privacy guidelines for the Internet of Things (IoT)
#1989 Mirai widens distribution with new Trojan that scans more ports
#1988 Marcher - Android banking Trojan on the rise
#1987 IBM integrates Watson into its security operations platform
#1986 Sage 2.0 ransomware delivered by Pandex spambot, mimics Cerber routines
#1985 New wave of cyberattacks against global banks linked to Lazarus cybercrime group
#1984 Now sites can fingerprint you online even when you use multiple browsers
#1983 Ultranationalist developer behind SerbRansom ransomware
#1982 Firefox Focus privacy scandal
#1981 Attackers target dozens of global banks with new malware
#1980 ElcomSoft extracts deleted Safari browsing history from iCloud
#1979 Virally growing attacks on unpatched WordPress sites affect ~2m pages
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