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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1977 AthenaGo RAT uses Tor2Web proxy system to hide C&C server
Compared to other RATs, Cisco researchers say that AthenaGo has a few features that stand out on its own. First and foremost, Athena Go is the first RAT written in the Go programming language, albeit not the first malware.

Go malware is a little bit rarer, especially on Windows, but it's as effective as malware written in other programming languages.

The only downside, as Cisco researchers explained in a technical analysis of AthenaGo, is that Go binaries include a little bit more details that helps out researchers in detecting the malware's capabilities much easier.
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#1978 Google Project Zero: How we cracked Samsung's DoD and NSA-certified Knox
#1977 AthenaGo RAT uses Tor2Web proxy system to hide C&C server
#1976 DynA-Crypt not only encrypts your files, but also steals your info
#1975 Newly discovered flaw undermines HTTPS connections for almost 1,000 sites
#1974 Finding Ticketbleed
#1973 Google let scammers post a perfectly spoofed Amazon ad in its search results
#1972 The startup paying people to legally hack Uber, Nintendo, and Starbucks just got another $40 million to keep growing
#1971 Fileless attacks against enterprise networks
#1970 Mirai gets a Windows version to boost distribution efforts
#1969 This modular backdoor malware is now the most common threat to Android smartphones
#1968 Mac malware, possibly made in Iran, targets US defense industry
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