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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1954 Metasploit security kit now hacks IoT devices, hardware
The popular Metasploit hacking kit has been upgraded to tackle today's Internet of Things (IoT) devices, granting researchers the opportunity to scour for bugs in modern vehicles.

Rapid7 Research director of transportation security Craig Smith announced on February 2 that the Metasploit framework can now link directly to hardware, permitting users to develop exploits to test their hardware and conduct penetration testing with less time wasted.

It is hoped that researchers will no longer have to build multiple tools to test today's modern devices and overcome previous network limitations.

"Metasploit condensed a slew of independent software exploits and tools into one framework and now we want to do the same for hardware," Smith says.
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#1954 Metasploit security kit now hacks IoT devices, hardware
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