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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1939 Securing your home routers - understanding attacks and defense strategies (PDF)
When Mirai first came into the picture last year, it dispelled the notion that the attack scenarios on Internet of Things (IoT) devices were merely a proof of concept (PoC). After all, Mirai’s widespread attacks on organizations and users revealed how vulnerable IoT devices, like home routers and IP cameras, can be abused for cybercriminal activities. On top of that, those attacks showed how users unknowingly became accomplices to these crimes. Since then, new strains of Mirai variants continued to make waves. Some of the unique features for each strain include domain generation algorithm (DGA) capabilities, which would make this IoT botnet almost impenetrable for takedowns by law enforcement. A security flaw in Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) was also exploited, possibly affecting at least 5 million home routers (as of November 30, 2016) with Mirai.
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#1945 HTTPS adoption has reached the tipping point
#1944 Google Chrome engineer says Windows Defender “the only well behaved AV”
#1943 Misconfigured firewall blamed for hospital ransomware infection
#1942 How to succeed in online investigations and digital forensics
#1941 Apple takes down iCloud activation lock page after disclosure of security flaw
#1940 Microsoft: Windows 10 will stop a ransomware epidemic when antivirus fails
#1939 Securing your home routers - understanding attacks and defense strategies (PDF)
#1938 Witcher 3 dev forums hacked, 1.8 million accounts stolen
#1937 Security flaws in Pentagon systems "easily" exploited by hackers
#1936 Cisco updates Tetration analytics platform, aims to automate security policies
#1935 melts down after wrong directory deleted, backups fail
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#1933 Ransomware disrupts Washington DC's CCTV system
#1932 Many Android VPN apps breaking privacy promises
#1931 Netgear exploit found in 31 models lets hackers turn your router into a botnet
#1930 Nicolas Brulez on malware reverse engineering tips and tricks (audio)
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