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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1936 Cisco updates Tetration analytics platform, aims to automate security policies
Cisco is rolling out a new version of its Tetration Analytics platform to better automate security policies and move companies to so-called blacklist approaches to ones that are white list.

A blacklist approach means an enterprise allows entry into networks by default. A white list approach refers to blocking all network traffic unless approved via a security policy. Most companies are somewhere in the middle as they try and balance agility and security.

Yogesh Kaushik, senior director of product management for Tetration, said the industry is moving more toward a white list approach. "There's a shift happening in the industry toward a better security posture," said Kaushik. The catch is these security policies need to be automated.
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#1936 Cisco updates Tetration analytics platform, aims to automate security policies
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