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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#192 Women may write better code, study finds
The US researchers analysed nearly 1.4 million users of the open source program-sharing service Github. They found that pull requests - or suggested code changes - made on the service by women were more likely to be accepted than those by men.
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#195 ISPs want “flexible” privacy rules that let them “innovate” with customer data
#194 Tribunal rules computer hacking by GCHQ is not illegal
#193 Big data privacy must be fixed before the revolution can begin
#192 Women may write better code, study finds
#191 Your smart, IoT toaster really will be spying on you for the government
#190 KillDisk and BlackEnergy Are Not Just Energy Sector Threats
#189 A Worldwide Survey of Encryption Products Report (PDF)
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